What I Think of… The Woman He Loved Before

On the first pages of Dorothy Koomson’s books there should be a warning saying something like this: “Careful, on the following pages you will find lots of empathy for the characters.”. It’s that little, but strong detail that would be enough for us to like her books because the amazing writing that is capable of connect us with the story and the characters is a gift itself.

Reading something from the writer we’ve always loved is like coming back home after a tiring day at work. It’s that so called feeling of comfort and gratitude. That assurance that makes us relax because we are pretty sure we’re certainly going to like what we are about to read. That’s what I felt when I was reading this book. Dorothy Koomson has that gift, that talent for this kind of stories, more dramatic and more mysterious.

The Woman He Loved Before is one of those books that at least makes us blind with anger and irritation and basically makes us cry so much that we are left with an empty box of tissues.

I loved Eve’s story, especially for the plot . The things that happen to her are something that always manage to touch me somehow. As for the personality, I think she was too good for her boyfriend, she was too good for Jack. The same goes to Libby, but this feminine character is so much more independent, despite all the panick attacks she has, that I completely understand because I’ve had them myself (fortunately, I didn’t have as many as she did).

It is with this feeling of empathy and the fact that we can easily relate to the characters’ attitudes and even their lives that get us hooked and make us love and wish to like even more and more each book of this writer.

The other thing I like is the mystery. The secret is always there and we know nothing about it in the beggining, we start questioning it in the middle and we just find out when we get to the last page. In this case, I suspected about Hector, I suspected about Harriet and finally the responsible was revealed. I wasn’t surprised with the revelation but I did feel it about the last events that, indeed, pleased me, despite that if it was me, I’d do so much more!

Finally, I’d like to say I particularly enjoyed finding myself not once but twice during this reading. An huge thank you to one of my favourite writers. Thank You Dorothy!


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