Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

… Who’s The Fairest Of The Goodreads.

Simplesmente linda! Mal a vi durante as minhas deambulações pelo Goodreads, não consegui resistir em saber mais sobre ela, sobre o seu livro.
A mulher da capa apresenta-se de forma etérea, assim como o meio envolvente, inspirando fantasia, e as deusas do Olimpo.
O que se torna irónico, visto que a personagem principal, Bryony, é imortal, ou pelo menos, a sua alma é.
Imagine being born at the first breath of mankind. What would it be like to live as a witch among men? Would life be less cherished if you were destined to become an old soul; one who must succumb to death only to be reborn repeatedly?
Bryony is a mortal with an immortal soul. She is destined to die at the hands of another immortal during the peak of her life, only to be reborn again. In each life she has a new name, face, and destiny. However, her soul remains constant.
She has no memories of her past lives, but that is about to change…
After a horrifying accident, she loses everything dear to her, moves halfway across the world, and begins having visions of a man with no face; a man who kills her, over and over again. Each life is ended before it truly begins.
Memories of her past lives have been unlocked and along with them, she discovers an affinity for magic. Can she master her abilities quick enough to face her demon head on? Will the memories of her past lives reveal weapons to change her fate? Will she be aware of her faceless death, when he comes for her? Or could her executioner be closer than she thought?

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